quantilope Welcomes Wanda Cadigan as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing

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quantilope warmly welcomes Wanda Cadigan as new Senior Vice President of Global Marketing to lead and scale our organization’s go-to-market strategy. Wanda joins quantilope with an extensive background in building high-performing marketing teams achieving 5x - 20x revenue growth in the B2B software space.


As new Global SVP of Marketing, Wanda will lead all aspects of quantilope’s global marketing. She is responsible for creating scalable go to market strategies with a focus on demand generation and a tight alignment between sales and marketing efforts. Wanda will be in charge of doubling the size of our marketing team to support the launch of new products and markets, optimize global processes, and help transform the market insights industry through the adoption of quantilope’s Insights Automation platform.

As an accomplished leader of global marketing and sales, Wanda will focus on driving company growth through scalable and repeatable marketing programs, unifying a global marketing team, and developing memorable brand experiences. Prior to joining quantilope, Wanda served as Vice President of Demand Generation & Growth at Cloudinary where she led the company’s demand generation initiatives. Wanda spent an additional 5+ years as the Vice President of Sales and Strategic Growth at Sitecore leading the firm's go to market and sales incubation strategy for new products and acquisitions.


Wanda lives and breathes demand generation - she brings to quantilope an industry record of developing robust marketing programs that deliver exponential revenue growth. While leading marketing teams, she has developed a unique expertise in creating efficiencies and scalability across global marketing functions.


"I was immediately drawn to the overall market potential as well as the opportunity to scale and grow an already strong marketing team.”

Wanda Cadigan, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing


The entire quantilope organization is extremely excited to welcome Wanda as we approach a critical milestone in our growth and invest heavily into marketing as a key driver for success. Welcome to the team, Wanda!


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