From Qual to Quant


From Qual to Quant provides a three-step, scalable process, for researchers to leverage advanced quantitative insights as an alternative to qualitative research.


Face-to-face conversations with consumers can add a human touch to data points but they can also be increasingly difficult to attain. Getting your specific target group all in one place, gathering a substantial sample size, and then conducting and analyzing the study is effortful from both a logistics and cost perspective. 


Even more, COVID-19 and social distancing orders have introduced a new level of complexity to qualitative research as many consumers are forced to stay home. Today’s researchers not only seek a more efficient solution to qualitative research but are now required to find a valid alternative for gathering qualitative insights as many traditional modes no longer exist. 


Download the white paper now for insights into how you can use advanced quantitative research methodologies to get at the ‘why’ behind consumer behavior in lieu of qualitative alternatives.

Download the whitepaper now!

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