Using Automated Methods and AI To Quickly Understand Food Trends

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Watch quantilope's keynote from last week's international NPD Food Conference in UK! In just 10 minutes, this session's recording provides a rapid look at how brands can leverage consumer insights to drive marketing and innovation in the food industry. 


The success of food brands is insights-driven. In today’s competitive market, leading brands will be those who truly understand the evolving minds of their consumers - what do they like, dislike, care about, and prefer when it comes to their food choices? In this session, Stefan will share the results from quantilope’s 2021 Food Trends study with a focus on sustainability, packaging, and shopping behaviors. This session will also demonstrate how food brands can leverage state-of-the-art research technology to quickly run their own consumer research projects using AI and automated advanced methods.


NPD Food & Drink Conference is an international, established conference for the food industry. It's about new trends and product innovation strategies for brand success: future-proof assortments, key nutrition trends, sustainability and consumer-centric brand management.

Watch the recording of quantilope's 10 min session now!


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