quantilope at TMRE Digital Week 2020: The Key To Brand Tracking

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Watch quantilope's presentation from the November TMRE Digital Week to learn how to implement a successful brand tracker in the year ahead.


The Future of Tracking: How to implement a successful brand tracker in 2021


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Have you thought about implementing a brand tracker but worried about the cost, resources, or time required to run and manage an effective tracker?


Enter quantilope’s guide to automated brand tracking research. Brands need to be able to react fast to evolving trends affecting their category, or risk being left behind and becoming less relevant than emerging brands. quantilope’s guide to automated brand tracking research offers a solution to safeguard your brand by providing a step-by-step guide for automating your brand tracker; leveraging advanced methods; and ultimately, working faster and smarter with the results.


Speakers: Alex Hall, Research Consultant at quantilope & Vanessa Schröder, Senior Research Consultant at quantilope

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