Market research innovator quantilope releases free Consumer NOW Index

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Market research innovator quantilope releases the Consumer NOW Index - a free automated research tracker monitoring the dynamic changes of consumer behavior patterns across the US, UK, and Germany.


Hamburg / New York, March 31, 2020 As a response to COVID-19 and the ‘stay at home economy,’ quantilope has released a weekly automated research tracker called the Consumer NOW Index. The Index monitors the ongoing series of consumer reactions and adjustments to changing micro and macro events impacting individual lives, families, work, health, and a general sense of self. quantilope’s tracker is a free tool for researchers and marketers to stay connected to their consumers' radically changing motivations and needs.


"The past few weeks have changed the way consumers will interact with everything from the products they buy, to how they socialize, and how they work,” explained Peter Aschnmoneit, CEO of quantilope. “While consumers will always adapt to their rapidly changing environment, winning brands will only be those who act quick enough to identify new needs, challenges, and who deeply understand the motivations and drivers behind consumer behavior."



Key questions quantilope’s Consumer NOW Index Tracker answers:


  • Based on current consumer sentiment, what messaging should brands prioritize?
  • What products are consumers increasing / decreasing their spend on week over week?
  • How are consumer consumption patterns changing as a result of the global environment?
  • How are consumers changing their use of technologies?


"Our Consumer NOW Index Tracker is created to support brands during times of uncertainty with high quality, real-time insights to develop creative solutions to support their consumers' new reality and to inform tactical and strategic marketing initiatives,” continued Aschmoneit.




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The full insights dashboard of the Consumer NOW Index  
We recommend to open it on a large screen.


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About the Consumer NOW Index
Each wave of quantilope’s Consumer NOW Index Tracker interviews 1.200 consumers aged 18 to 70 in the US, UK, and Germany. The analysis of each wave is based on advanced research methods from quantitative market research including a Key Driver Analysis, MaxDiff, and an Implicit Association Test. Insights from charts automatically updates with each new wave for seamless week-by-week comparison as soon as results come in, providing an easy to use, efficient, approach to tracking.


Companies can get an individual Consumer NOW Tracking from quantilope on request.

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