Consumer Electronics Study 2021

Study background

Current findings from the consumer electronics sector provide insights into purchasing behaviour in four European countries (Germany, UK, France, Spain). Among other things, questions on purchase intentions, shopping channels, brands and how important sustainability is when buying electronic devices were examined.

Other focus topics are Smart Home and Wearables: Find out which Smart Home devices are the most relevant and what the opportunities and barriers of use are. Results of an implicit test show unconscious associations with Smart Home. In addition, a Key Driver Analysis provides information about the satisfaction with Smart Watches and their features.

Methodology and Sample

Methods: The study includes a TURF analysis, an Implicit Association Test and a Key Driver Analysis.

N=1,600 consumers in Europe (N=400 per market in Germany, UK, France, Spain), 18-69 years, representative regarding age and gender (incl. boost on Smart Home and Smart Watch users), quantitative online survey.

The data was collected in March/April 2021.

Looking at your shopping behaviour post-COVID-19: Where do you think you will do the majority of your shopping for consumer electronics?


Where do you research before purchasing an electronic device?


Looking at your shopping behaviour within the last 12 months: Where have you done the majority of your shopping for consumer electronics?


Focus topics Smart Home and Wearables: Did you know...?

  • ...the most popular Smart Home device is a smart TV
  • ...regarding data protection, German consumers are the most trusting, while consumers in the UK and Spain are the most private
  • ...the best features to promote Smart Watches are fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring and a pedometer

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