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quantilope's Agile Insights software offers multiple market research tools to answer questions across the entire marketing mix - pricing, product, place, and promotion. Our tools are powered by automated methodologies, enabling project customization and advanced analyses delivered at speed. 


Tools are designed to focus on customer-centricity by testing a brand's health, product ideas, claims, packaging, brand associations, campaign performance, net promoter score, and more. 


Our automated methods can be combined to build new tools for specific market research problems. Each method comes built into quantilope's platform for user-friendly project setups and real time results. 

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  • Advertising
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Implicit Single Association Test (SAT)
Implicit Multi Association Test (MAT)
Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis (CBC)
Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff)
Method_Key Driver Analysis
Key Driver Analysis (KDA)
Penalty Reward Analysis (Kano Factors)
Price Sensitivity Meter (Van Westendorp)
Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)
A/B Preroll Test (Digital Ad Test)
Method_AB Test
A/B Test (Monadic Test)
TURF Analysis
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New Year's Resolution Study 2019


Take a deep dive into understanding the priorities of American consumers as they head into 2019. 

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The benefits of Agile Insights technology


How can Agile Insights support your business and promote a customer-centric management style? By empowering companies to make quick, informed, decisions at a low cost. Learn more about the four main benefits of Agile Insights technology here. 

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Automated tools for implicit research


How you can easily measure your target group's subconscious associations? By applying neuroscientific methods to your market research projects. 


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