A/B Preroll Test

The A/B Pre-roll Test is an extension of the classic monadic A/B tests that is ideally suited to simple, fast testing of various advertisements in a digital environment. 


Optimize your digital marketing campaigns

  • Which advertisement should I take live?


  • Which one captivates consumers the most?


  • What per cent of respondents actually watch the commercial to the end?


  • Are there certain scenes which prompt many viewers to click “Skip ad”?

Simply valid marketing insights

The A/B pre-roll test combines scientific methods such as the monadic A/B test with direct, practical application and realistic implementation in quantilope. This ensures both methodological quality and external validity. The implementation in quantilope is especially easy for the user, so that he only needs to upload the relevant videos. Assignment of A/B groups, analysis, and visualization are all performed completely automatically. 


Directly implementable insights


Results within a few seconds


Simple, intuitive use


Practical, valid methodology


Flexible possible applications


Automatic calculation and visualization

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