Implicit Single Association Test (SAT)


Based on neuroscience and reaction time measurements, SAT makes implicit, subconscious associations with categories, brands, and products visible and measurable in just a few clicks. 


Suitable for a wide range of use cases

  • What subconscious needs do consumers have with respect to a product category?

  • What characteristics do they spontaneously associate the brand with?


  • Does the product concept meet the critical needs?


  • Is a new product design perceived as consistent with the brand?


  • Does an advertisement activate the desired associations?


  • What situations is the use of a product associated with?

Uniquely simple and valid

quantilope’s easy, fun implementation allows the Implicit Single Association Test to be used even without technical or statistical knowledge. At the same time, the quantilope software ensures measurements made on the basis of established neuroscientific insights. The automatic calculation, analysis, and visualization provides you with results in real time that generate immediate impact for your use case.



Immediate business impact


Live analysis and visualization


Fun for respondents


Well-founded in neuroscience


Flexible applications


Simple, intuitive set-up

Strong insights at a glance

A success story from Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

From the gut-level decision to neuroscientifically founded idea screening.



  • Where is my greatest market potential?
  • What product ideas are marketable?


  • Agile research process with reusable templates
  • SAT for revealing deep-seated, subconscious associations with a given product idea

The Result

  • Identification of marketable product ideas
  • Acceleration of the agile product development process
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