The Fundamentals of Gathering Agile Insights

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Agile working has been a hot topic for a while, and with good reason. It’s a way of working that strips away time-consuming tasks and focuses on maximizing efficiency. While agility is of course applicable to all industries, this way of working has especially risen in popularity in the world of market research, paving the way to gathering agile insights.




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What are agile insights exactly?

Agile insights are points of consumer feedback that are gathered quickly and efficiently to guide the decision-making process in an organization. This could involve creating a new product concept, testing a new initiative, generating ideas on how to improve an existing offer, or really any type of agile market research a business might need.


Agile practices mean weaving consumer insights into ongoing work within an organization. Instead of commissioning a research project that might take several weeks to set up, conduct, and debrief, an agile project is designed with the versatility to adapt the sample group or the questions asked, as the research progresses.

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How can teams benefit from agile insights?

There are several ways in which agile insights benefit research teams.


A better understanding of what customers think

With traditional research methodologies conducted over a set period of time, businesses can gain a wealth of consumer understanding. The difference between these traditional ways of working and agile ways of working is that businesses capture agile insights in real-time. Undergoing an agile transformation for real-time insights means businesses can capture the subtleties of changing views and alter the research questions at any specific moment for the most actionable and relevant outcomes.


Consumers might quickly change their views for a variety of reasons. External influences play a large part; the fast-moving world of social media and instant access to news means trends and opinions change faster than ever. Consequently, marketing and market research teams need to move just as fast to make sure their insights are up to date - especially amidst widespread events like inflation, 'shrinkflation', or supply chain issues that can heavily impact a consumer's purchasing decisions.

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More insights in less time

Because the agile insights process is an iterative and reactive one, brands can run more frequent and more streamlined surveys rather than trying to pack everything into one. This can drastically reduce the project management time it takes to set up and gather all relevant data - as well as the effort it takes to keep the findings current.

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Improved decision-making through frequent testing

Keeping findings current means better-informed decisions. With an agile approach, gone are any worries that insights will be outdated by the time of a project’s debrief; agile insights provide feedback that is both timely and pertinent to current business issues. Frequent research means that agile teams can make the most of consumer insights as they arise.


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Fundamentals of agile insights


Incorporate customer feedback into each stage of the development cycle

Agile insights work because they are both business-driven and consumer-driven. How often do you have a great idea for a new concept when research is already underway - or one of the survey respondents comes up with a great insight yet there’s no way to change your stimulus to reflect it? With agile insights, consumer feedback happens in tandem with business processes so that those valuable points of insight can be fed back into the research for testing.

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Boost efficiency

Agile insight tools are well-suited for the demands of a flexible, adaptive approach to research. They are easy to control and can handle quick, even last-minute, changes in surveys if needed.

Agile insight tools are often cost-efficient as well. Not only do agile insight platforms save budget compared to larger, more traditional agencies - they also save valuable time. Research teams can quickly populate a survey, avoiding back and forth changes leading to version control issues, and thus accelerating the time to insights.

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Share insights across teams

One of the great benefits of agile insights is the opportunity for cross-team collaboration. Using agile insight platforms, teams can share data points and insights across departments, gather suggestions, and implement feedback in very little time. In this way, the voices of all involved teams and stakeholders are represented in a final deliverable - minimizing the rounds of edits required before taking action.

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Be ready to adapt to changes

With agile insights, there’s no sitting around waiting for research findings to be delivered. Insights could be delivered as often as daily, so businesses need to be ready to act on them. This requires a certain level of organization, with processes in place to digest insights and react appropriately. It also means the value of research is maximized as real-time learning can be directed towards quick changes in business strategy, keeping brands ahead of the competition.

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Build an agile research program with quantilope 

quantilope’s Insights Automation Platform is perfectly designed for agile market research. Its intuitive functionality means it can be used by any business team, with an agile project set up in a matter of hours. The easy-to-use interface means that with a few clicks of your mouse you can select your sample, enter your research questions, and choose the methodologies most suited to the analysis you would like to carry out.


quantilope’s online research platform is fully automated, so you can truly sit back and wait for responses to start rolling in. Once they do, you will get an early read on consumer perceptions before field is even finalized, allowing you to make changes to the research or your strategy as needed. quantilope’s advanced methods - including a library of 13 pre-programmed quantitative methodologies ensure your insights team will always gather high-quality data.


Agile insights are all about efficiency and applying data as quickly as possible to the business issue in question. With quantilope’s tools for gathering consumer feedback, your insights teams will no longer feel bogged down trying to figure out what all the data means. quantilope’s automated charting tool generates real-time results in customizable charts, all of which can be added to a final dashboard for all your insights in one place. 


To learn more about quantilope's agile insights process, get in touch below: 

Get in touch to learn more!

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