People and Culture

Career Development at quantilope: From Customer Success to Enablement

Meet Amanda van Haaster, who recently developed her career from Research Consultancy into another direction here at quantilope. 

Travel Back to Barcelona With Us in quantilope's 2022 Retreat Video!

quantilope is the Insights Automation Platform for all end-to-end research needs, but above all, is a company founded and built around company culture. 

Dive Inside the quantiverse: Meet our Full Stack Developer, Sree

Hi, my name is Sreedharan Palanichamy. I’m a Senior Full Stack Developer at quantilope and have been with the company for a year.  Before quantilope, I was working in developer/consultant roles in dif...

Introducing: Here, There, Everywhere - Our Way Of Working

Find out how COVID19's work situation brought us to our working concept of HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE.

Life at quantilope: the Sustainability Committee

Read more about our Sustainability Committee. Meet Can, one of quantilope’s Product Managers, and learn about his involvement in the sustainability committee.

Life at quantilope: Unlimited PTO delivering the freedom our teams deserve

Read about the experiences of our employees with Unlimited PTO supporting a great work/life balance at quantilope.

Career Development at quantilope: Meet Andy, our new VP of Revenue Operations

Meet “Andy”, who recently developed his career from leading our Finance team into a new direction. 

Dive Inside the quantiverse: Meet Mia, our Sales Development Representative

Hi, my name is Mia. I’m a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at quantilope and have been with the company for 1 year.

Dive Inside the quantiverse: Meet our Solution Consultant, Madita

Hi, my name is Madita. I’m a Senior Solution Consultant at quantilope and have been with the company for more than two years now.

Life at quantilope: Working Abroad

Learn more about quantilope's working abroad policy.