quantilope Academy Is Now Open to the Broader Insights Community!

Ready to elevate your market research skills and learn about new methodologies? Master advanced research techniques with the quantilope Academy – now open for non-clients!

quantilope & GreenBook Webinar: Tapping Into Consumers' Subconscious Through Implicit Research

Whether we’re aware of it or not, consumers develop subconscious associations with brands and products that play a major role in their purchasing decisions.

Master the Art of Tracking with quantilope's Certification Course

We're excited to introduce our newest addition to the quantilope Academy, the Automated Tracking Certification Course – your comprehensive guide to understanding and leveraging the power of automated ...

Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter Questions

The Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM)* is a trusted advanced method in market research that helps businesses make informed pricing decisions for a new product or make price changes to an ex...

quantilope & Organic Valley: Understanding Consumer Values Behind Behaviors

In this client success story, learn how Organic Valley leveraged quantilope's automated platform for Implicit Association Testing to avoid the 'everything is important' fallacy in consumer research.

quantilope & WIRe Webinar: Solving the Research Dilemma with AI

Are you receiving more requests for more consumer research as your consumers evolve at faster rates? At the same time, are you seeing your capacities shrink as budgets are being reduced? When you comb...

A Full Year of Better Brand Health Tracking in the Soda Category

As of the fifth wave of quantilope's Better Brand Health Tracking study in the soda category, Mental Availability metrics indicate a positive shift in the diet soda market.

Non-Probability Sampling: When and How To Use It Effectively

In this blog, we’ll dive into what non-probability sampling is, how it differs from other approaches like probability sampling, when to use it, and the benefits/drawbacks to consider.

Survey Results: How To Analyze Data and Report on Findings

In this blog, learn how to effectively analyze survey data and report on findings that portray an actionable insights story for key stakeholders.

How Florida's Natural Leveraged Better Brand Health Tracking

Tune into this on-demand fireside chat between quantilope and Florida's Natural to learn how the Florida's Natural team leveraged Better Brand Health Tracking (BBHT) on quantilope's platform for scien...

Quirk's Virtual Event: Fab-brew-lous Collaboration: Product Innovations from the Melitta Group

Let us take you on a buzzworthy journey with Melitta’s Innovation team. Founded in 1908, Melitta has become a globally recognized coffee brand with innovation built into their core (including the inve...

Brand Value: What It Is, How To Build It, and How To Measure It

In this post, learn what brand value is, how it differs from other key metrics such as brand equity, and key components that feed into brand value.

What Are Brand Perceptions and How Can You Measure Them?

This blog post covers the basics of brand perception - including what brand perceptions are, why perceptions are important, and ways you can measure perceptions for your brand. Brand perception can dr...

How Can Brands Build, Measure, and Manage Brand Equity?

In this post, we’ll cover what brand equity is, how to build brand equity up over time, and ways to measure/monitor brand equity over time.

How To Use a Brand Insights Tool To Improve Your Branding Strategy

This blog explores how to use a brand insights software or tool to improve your brand strategy - starting with what brand insights are, what they can help with, how to use brand insights tools, and br...

quantilope's 5th Consecutive Year as a 'Fastest Growing Tech Company'

For the fifth year in a row, quantilope has been named in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 ranking - proving continued, significant growth over the course of several years.

Automated Survey Setup: How To Utilize AI-Generated Question Inputs

Artificial intelligence has its place across the entire end-to-end research process, but one area in particularly where it will save researchers a lot of time and energy is in the survey development s...

quantilope & MoneyGram: Tracking a Major F1 Sponsorship

In this client success story, learn how MoneyGram was able to leverage quantilope's automated platform to launch 18 research trackers in just under two months to monitor their Formula 1 racing sponsor...

quantilope & GreenBook Showcase: Grow with Mental Availability

Join one of quantilope's Solutions Consultants, Lindsey Guzman as she takes us through brand health tracking and the key metrics you need to incorporate to help your brand stay competitive.

How To Use AI To Integrate Advanced Research Methods in Surveys

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your research studies to easily leverage advanced research methodologies is one of the best ways to turn basic usage and attitude metrics into detailed, a...