Brand tracking


Brand tracking monitors changes to your brands perception, performance, and consumer behavior patterns over time. 


Tracking is managed through waves - monthly, quarterly, annually - in regional specific studies. 


Each tracking project involves a single set up process and offers live results. 




Automated monitoring of KPIs  

  • How do my marketing activities influence our brand awareness?

  • How well do I reach my target group compared to my competition, and where in the brand funnel do I need to take action?

  • Are there seasonal fluctuations in the market, and if so, what do they mean for me?

  • What target groups am I reaching best, and where could I do better?

  • Am I reaching my customer satisfaction target, and are my recommendations for improvement contributing to reaching that target?

Brand tracking dashboard 


quantilope brand tracking provides brand marketing and insight teams with a continuous performance dashboard. The tracking dashboard shows a holistic view of annual performance, with insights into the competitive environment and the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.   



A single setup process for the entire tracking project.



On-going, automatic, waves for actionable insights.


Live results and Interactive data. 


Brand Tracking Use Case

Brand Tracking Approach



  • Do my marketing activities contribute to brand awareness?
  • Are my advertising measures reaching my target group?


  • One-time set-up of continuous tracking surveys
  • Observe relevant key performance indicators over time

The Result

  • Lower market research costs and ability to measure improvements of brand performance

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